Kohler Gas Powered Generator

Kohler Industrial (Natural Gas / LP Gas) – Standby 23kVA to 380kVA
Kohler Residential (Natural Gas / LP Gas) – Standby 6kVA to 48kVA


Known for producing some of the best gas powered generator sets available, Kohler has been in the industry for almost a century. Having providing power solutions for many years, they are definitely one of the industry leaders for gas powered generators. Being an alternative to diesel-powered generators, Kohler gas power generator sets are able to operate with natural gas or LP gas. Traditionally, they also produce significantly less carbon monoxide and particulate emissions compared to their diesel counterparts. This is in line with Kohler’s identity to promote sustainable power solutions for the industry. 

WCM Power is a proud official partner to distribute Kohler gas powered generator sets in Malaysia. Defining new standards in Malaysian power technology, we have more than 30 years of experience in delivering quality power systems for various industries and sectors. With great emphasis on operational quality and reliability, each component is carefully engineered and assembled by expert workmanship. This makes Kohler the best gas generators for a cost-efficient and targeted power solution. At WCM, we focus on meeting the needs of our clients with reliable bespoke power systems that are designed according to your specifications. For further information about our Kohler gas powered generators, do get in touch with us today!