Cummins Diesel Powered Generator

Powered By Cummins

Capacity – Prime 40kVA – 1500kVA


As a global power leader, Cummins is known to produce some of the best genset power generators in Malaysia. Power generation is an important industry as they provide backup for prime, auxiliary and standby power supply. Quality power generators are determined by their ability to perform when all else fails and Cummins’ gensets are the epitome of rugged dependability and reliable performance. WCM Power is proud to partner with Cummins to supply quality Cummins power generators in Malaysia.

Our diesel generators are more than just a piece of power equipment. Encompassing decades of knowledge, expertise, and experience, it is a global network that provides a comprehensive power solution. Our robust machines can make sure that your facilities can always operate at full capacity. Cummins diesel generators in Malaysia are widely used in a variety of different facilities and industries. 

Our gensets are also available in a variety of different specifications to meet the unique demands of our customers. Through us, customers can get high-range gensets that deliver reliability, efficiency and versatility. For further information about our Cummins diesel generators in Malaysia, do send us a message today!