Doosan Diesel Powered Generator

Powered By Doosan (Diesel)

Capacity – Prime 200kVA to 700kVA


The Doosan Group has started producing diesel engines as far back as 1958. Fast forward to today, Doosan diesel generators have undergone tremendous improvement through constant product innovation and R&D. With a technological know-how that spans over 100 years, Doosan has been able to roll out products that meet evolving industry needs. At WCM Power, we have partnered with Doosan as diesel engine generator manufacturers in Malaysia. We are proud to be a leading partner and supplier of Doosan generators. 

WCM Power features leading diesel generators that are tailored for maximum performance, high fuel efficiency and unrivalled reliability. As diesel genset manufacturers, we aspire to provide the best-in-class power solution for our customers. Doosan is known to produce engines that are built for maximum power output. This makes them a prime choice for installation in generators all over the world. Commissioned by using only high quality components, our Doosan diesel generators are designed for various output demands and fuel efficiency. As one of the top diesel engine generator manufacturers in the country, WCM Power prides itself as an industry leading power solutions provider. For more information about our Doosan diesel generators, do send us a message today!