Doosan Natural Gas Powered Generator

Capacity – Prime 165kVA to 440kVA


Doosan generator sets are always associated with their signature Korean precision and accuracy. This means that they have always been one of the industry benchmarks when it comes to quality natural gas powered generators. In keeping up with global emission standards, Doosan has been manufacturing generators that conform to eco-friendly standards. Building upon a solid foundation a century ago, Doosan is now one of the oldest gas generator manufacturers in the industry. WCM Power is proud to partner with Doosan to produce top quality gas generators in Malaysia. 

Doosan natural gas powered generator sets are extensively tested in a variety of rigorous durability tests. These include both off-road and static control tests to make sure that Doosan products will be able to uphold their signature performance even in demanding conditions. Our Doosan generators are engineered to guarantee safety and efficiency when integrated into any working sites. A powerful but efficient engine makes sure that operations will have low running costs and have minimal emissions for sustainability. For more information about our Doosan natural gas generator sets, do not hesitate to send us a message. We at WCM Power are always proud to provide you with the ideal power solution.