Perkins Diesel Powered Generator

Powered By Perkins

Capacity – Prime 9kVA to 2200kVA


Being one of the world’s leading providers of diesel generator sets, Perkins has had more than 85 years of experience in the industry. With a comprehensive range of power solutions that are reliable and innovative, Perkins diesel generators are tailored to meet precise requirements and industrial demands. WCM Power is a leading generator set (genset) manufacturer in Malaysia. Through our partnership with Perkins, customers are now able to get Perkins diesel generators from us. We aspire to create value for our customers through our competitive and dependable power solutions. 

Through objective assessment of how an engine performs, each Perkins diesel generator is designed and engineered carefully. Each separate element is assessed and integrated to contribute to the engine’s performance. Our Perkins genset in Malaysia is designed to maintain speed even under load which will make sure that your facilities remain operational at full capacity. Other than peak performance, our Perkins generators are also designed to be a sustainable power solution. Each machine is optimized with the latest technology to ensure that they are able to meet increasingly stringent emission standards around the world. To know more about our Perkins genset in Malaysia, get in touch with us here at WCM Power today.