We pride ourselves as a one-stop turnkey power solution service provider in the power generator industry, knowledgeable and competent to design, build, test and install power generator sets and mini power plants, all made specific to our clients’ project requirements.

Using only high quality engines, we produce these generator sets through our house brand WCM Energy. Customised to client specification, our generator sets ensure fuel efficiency and low operating and maintenance cost. Following industry best practices, especially in terms of safety, we ensure that every power generator set is fully tested at our factories before delivery to clients.

At WCM Power, we are devoted to go the extra mile as generator set manufacturers in providing after sales services including the supply of spare parts, maintenance and servicing of equipment. Our team of experienced and professional servicemen is able to troubleshoot engine problems efficiently and provide the required advice, parts and repairs in a prompt manner.

We also house the expertise needed to consult and deliver a comprehensive Contract Servicing maintenance programme that includes regular inspection and operational testing to identify issues long before disasters occur. Such programmes ensure cost and risk management is under control, whereby costly unscheduled downtimes can be prevented.

After-sales Service

The relationship we hold with customers is based on the principles of commitment and integrity. Even after we’ve completed a sale, service and delivery, WCM Power believes in taking the steps further by ensuring our clients reap the best value for their investments through our vast array of after-sales services. We provide power generation equipment parts and accessories, assuring the possibility of short lead times with the delivery of genuine OEM parts.

With a customer-centric philosophy in mind, our talented service technicians are ever-ready to be at the clients’ beck and call, be it repair work, troubleshooting or emergency services that require any level of attention. They are trained to be able to determine the best solution to any power generation application.

Other services include equipment revamps, startup services, load bank tests, remote monitoring, round-the-clock stock of parts and maintenance programmes that allow equipment to constantly run at optimum efficiency.